Embedded: The Missing Parts

This book aims to caputure everything that I have found incredibly useful in delivering a successful embedded project, but is often overlooked (or not known) by embedded teams "in the field".

This thread started as a topic list, built in collaboration with a number of other engineers (todo: list everyone from the original embedded collective!) as a table of contents.

Sadly, this table of contents sat as a to-do list for 2.5 years, so in 2020, I decided to revive it as a giant twitter thread, also available unrolled on Thread Reader App.

I am treating the twitter thread as the rough draft of this book, and capturing the tweets here, largely unedited, for now. In the future, I may decide to edit this and prepare it to be an actual book. For now, enjoy my passing twitter thoughts.

Corrections? Disagreement? Improvements?

This book is being written as an open source project! If you want to add any topics, feel free to open an issue or PR on the GitHub repo. Please open an issue first to discuss before writing a giant chapter!

The Plug

Here's my plug, if you like this, let me know, and if your embedded team needs help, reach out to me or us at @FerrousSystems! We help with this stuff a lot, in Rust and in other languages.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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